For Domestic Suppliers

  • Make in India program has provided the boost to Indian entrepreneurs and the production capacity as a whole. This has led these entrepreneurs to compete globally with the suppliers who are having a strong hold in international market. Indian exporters have come forward with the best quality products to reach to worldwide audiences.
  • We assist Indian entrepreneurs to find out whether their products qualify for international marketing by conducting proper quality tests. Once the products pass the respective quality checks, samples are sent to buyers for approval.

Follow-ups are then done with all the respective parties involved in the transaction, till the transaction is complete in all terms

For International Buyers

  • India is a big country with lots of diversity. This diversity has been the key reason for different kinds of products being manufactured across all the states. International buyers find it difficult to find the suppliers of their respective product and hence sourcing from India has become a challenging task for them.
  • We at Bizmark assist all the international buyers to search for the best products and its suppliers. Further, we assist them in product inspection, Inventory planning, logistics and export services.